All repairs are performed by experienced  automotive lift technicians with extensive knowledge of a wide variety of automotive lifts.


Our goal is to provide one stop shopping for all your lift needs.


We can provide all of the associated services shown below:

· Sales installation and service of above ground and in ground lifts.

· Installation and maintenance of air and   hydraulic piping systems.

· Installation and maintenance of            electrical systems.

· Replacement of leaking hoist seals.

· Concrete removal and replacement.

· Decommissioning of “Out of Service” lifts.

· Annual lift inspections acceptable to the Ministry Of Labour.

· Relocation of existing lifts.




· Our technicians are trained and certified as Wheeltronic, Snap-on, John Bean, Hoffman and Challenger

         Certified Lift Installers.


· We are an  authorized retailer of Rotary lifts and  Automotive Equipment

Our technicians can install, wire and  set your hoist up to manufactures  specifications.

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